Jeffrey Williams: The Rise of the Academic Novel – A graphic guide / map

This post features a diagram I made using ‘Inspiration 9’ to describe the ways in which Jeffrey Williams divides and subdivides the Campus Novel and the Academic Novel.
I read ‘ The Rise of the Academic Novel’ in American Literary History, Volume 24, Number 3, Fall 2012, pp. 561-589.
I like William’s thorough approach and it is going to be really helpful for my next chapter of my thesis, but I am a visual person and wanted to understand the many sub-categories and distinctions as best I can. I hope this is helpful for anyone else trying to get a grasp on the history of the campus novel, or rather the academic novel as this diagram heavily features.
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Text List, for future editing:

Novels about Universities
I.     Campus Novels about Student Life
Like a bildungsroman
A.   Adventures
In the early part of the century, there was a
vogue of campus novels, usually portraying students’ adventures,
lessons (in and out of class), and sports
1.   Owen Wister
a.   Philosophy 4 (1903)
b.   The Virginian (1902)
2.   F. Scott Fitzgerald
a.   This Side of Paradise (1920)
3.   Percy Mark
a.   The Plastic Age (1924)
4.   Thomas Wolfe
a.   Look Homeward, Angel (1929
B.   Mysteries
1.   Max Beerbohm
a.   Zuleika Dobson (1911)
2.   Donna Tartt
a.   The Secret History (1992)
II.   Academic novels about Academics Lives
A.   (British and) Insular
1.   Dorothy Sayers
a.   Gaudy Night (1935)
2.   C P Snow
a.   The Masters (1951)
3.   Trollope
a.   Barchester Towers (1857)
4.   Tom Sharpe
a.   Porterhouse Blue (1974)
B.   (1985) DeLillo’s WHITE NOISE
1.   Sex
a.   John Updike
(1)   Couples (1968)
(2)   Too Far To Go (1979)
b.   Lurie
(1)   The War between the Tates (1974)
2.   Melodramas about Culture Wars
a.   Mamet
(1)   Oleanna (1992)
b.   Roth
(1)   The Human Stain (2000)
c.    L’heureux
(1)   Handmaid of Desire (1996)
d.   Prose
(1)   Blue Angel (2000)
e.   Bernays
(1)   Professor Romeo (1989)
3.   Work-Life / Mid Life Crises
a.   Women
(1)   Lorrie Moore
(a)   Anagrams (1986)
(2)   Chang
(a)   All is Forgotten (2010)
(3)   Susanna Moore
(a)   In the Cut (1995)
b.   Men
(1)   Aster
(a)   Book of Illusions (2003)
(2)   Beattie
(a)   Another You (1995)
(3)   Russo
(a)   The Straight Man (1997)
(4)   Johnson
(a)   Name of the Word (2000)
(5)   O’Brien
(a)   Tomcat in Love (1998)
(6)   Chabon
(a)   Wonder Boys (1995)
(7)   Stone
(a)   Bay of Souls (2003)
4.   Technology/ Sci Fi
a.   Richards
(1)   Galatea 2.2 (1995)
b.   Lethem
(1)   As she climbed across the table( 1997)
c.    Everett
(1)   Glyph (1999)
d.   Gibson
(1)   Neuromancer (1984)
e.   Stephenson
(1)   The Big U (1984)
(2)   Anathem (2008)
5.   Wider Portraits of Society / Panoramic Books
a.   Smiley
(1)   Moo (1995)
b.   Smith
(1)   On Beauty (2005)
c.    Franzen
(1)   The Corrections (2001)
6.   Deprofessionalization
a.   James Hynes
(1)   Publish and Perish (1997)
(2)   The Lecturer’s Tale (2001)
(3)   Kings of Infinite Space (2004)
(4)   Next (2010)
b.   Lipsyte
(1)   The Ask (2010)
c.    McNally
(1)   After the Workshop (2010)
d.   Moore
(1)   In the Cut (1995)

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