About Me

Zoe Bulaitis is a graduate student studying English at the University of Exeter. She specialises in the marketisation of education and the shifting value of the humanities in Britain.

zb-adjusted-headshot-1She enjoys working in the fields of Literary Criticism and Theory and Victorian Studies. Her PhD thesis focuses on Higher Education Policy and the Humanities and understanding ‘Value’ in the Neo-Liberal Market. She is interested in late-victorian intellectual ideas around education, specifically concerning the history of the discipline of English Literature in Britain. Her approach may be interdisciplinary but is always within the humanistic tradition.

Academic History

Zoe holds a BA and MA in English Literature with a specialism in Criticism and Theory from the University of Exeter. Her Masters thesis “Payment by Results: the Impact of an Economic Approach to Education Policy within the Humanities” forms the foundation of her PhD and was awarded a Distinction (85) in 2013.

Zoe is currently in the final stages of completing her PhD thesis and looks forward to continuing her career in research and teaching within higher education.

Zoe is a passionate teacher and was recognised as the ‘Best Postgraduate Teacher’ in the College of Humanities at Exeter in 2015 and in 2016. She teaches critical theory to undergraduate students, making Derrida decipherable and Butler bearable. She holds an Associate Fellowship with the Higher Education Academy thanks to the support of the ASPIRE programme at the University of Exeter

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