Palgrave Communications Special Issue

I am so delighted to see my first single-authored, double-blind peer-reviewed article appear in the world! It is a special issue in Palgrave Communications on “The Future of Research Assessment” being commissioned by Professor James Wilsdon (Professor of Research Policy, Department of Politics and Director of Impact and Engagement, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Sheffield, UK). IContinue reading “Palgrave Communications Special Issue”

Getting Organised: Practical Tools

The summer is the season for organisation. It feels wonderful to have time and space to read and write. I also have been working on implementing strategies (yes this is a war) for the coming chaos of the Autumn term. I have subscribed to Evernote Premium, which has been great for research diaries, notes andContinue reading “Getting Organised: Practical Tools”

How do you find academic conferences to attend?

This is a duplication of a blogpost that I wrote for  Summer means conference season in academia. From casual graduate symposia popping up across campuses, to the vast annual international gatherings of scholars in one dedicated field, there will be the congregation of academic minds. Whilst undergraduate marking looms like an unmovable mountain inContinue reading “How do you find academic conferences to attend?”

Thought for the Day: Bertrand Russell and Doing More of What Makes you Happy.

Recently I have been focusing on trying to pursue interests outside of my research.    It is strange how that sentence sounds like a guilty confession. Having interests outside of your research? Doesn’t “interests” equate to “research? Do you not find your research to be interesting? I do find the work that I do interesting, and I feel privileged to enjoyContinue reading “Thought for the Day: Bertrand Russell and Doing More of What Makes you Happy.”

Yangon Local Airport: Myanmar

The ceiling is high and vaulted in oak, as you would expect in the dining room of a Tudor mansion. The building is far taller than it needs to be and there is a balcony around the central concourse that appears to be solely decorative. Pigeon feathers float down from nests in the coves carvedContinue reading “Yangon Local Airport: Myanmar”

Yu Gardens at Chinese New Year

“Everything there will be closed now at 5.30pm, better if you go there tomorrow” Advice given seriously from behind a small metallic podium in the lobby of an international hotel in Old Shanghai. At this point we were already wrapped like inflatable snowmen thermal layers, with scarves and hats. We shared an imperceptible shrug dueContinue reading “Yu Gardens at Chinese New Year”

Japan: Arrival in Yokohama

The Port of Yokohama is located downtown. In January, the sky is a crisp blue backdrop to the city skyline. Imagine emerging through an organic wooden construction all angles. The year is 2150 and we’ve finally accepted responsibility for the environment. The building is futuristic but more conspicuously there is a connection to the natural earth.Continue reading “Japan: Arrival in Yokohama”

Technology Showcase 2015

The presentations and pop-ups were very interesting at the Technology Showcase. Here is the presentation that I gave on using Evernote in your research. Evernote   Name of event contributor Job/Subject MR1 1-1:45 Cafe 1:45-2:30 Paschalis Gkortsilas PhD candidate Theology and Religion Introduction x Paschalis Gkortsilas PhD candidate Theology and Religion Scribd, Project Gutenberg/Digital ArchivesContinue reading “Technology Showcase 2015”